In the Zone

The goal of this website is not to completely explain the Zone diet or to convice you to start eating blocks. I will tell you a bit about the basics and what it means to me.
You can read more detaills about it here online or you can read this book.


Why the Zone?

The zone diet is about feeding your body instead of filling it.
It's a conscious way of eating healthy nutritional foods in the right proportions to let your body be at it's best and get in the zone. It makes you feel full but not bloated and reduces spikes in hormones to keep you at your best all day.

This makes me sound like a marketing sales person... but it really works for me and makes me happy :)

Eating Blocks

Every person eats a certain amount of blocks per day. The amount is based on your lean body mass (your body weight without your fat mass). If you're interested in the exact formula; let me know.

Each block consists of a combination of three macro nutrients: 9 grams of Carbs, 7 grams of Proteins and 1.5 grams of Fat. You can distribute the blocks over the day any way you like, as long as you always eat a full block. Weather it's a 1 block snack that contains the right amount of carbs, proteins and fats or it's a 5 block diner.

The recipes on this website show you exactly how much carb, protein or fat blocks an ingredient is.



You could eat any type of food you like as long as you calculate correctly how many blocks it contains. The Zone does mark some foods as good and others as less good. The good food is called favorable food.

At the recipe pages there will be a 'favorable star' if the recipe only contains good foods. 

In the tips section I'll sometimes suggest changes in ingredients to make the recipe favorable.