I love making tasty food that is good for my body.

Putting the recipes I like online makes for a nice overview for both myself and anyone who likes to create a nice Zone meal.

It's also a way to share the recipes behind my food pictures on my personal instagram account.

You can also follow @zonefoodrecipes to receive updates on new recipes.


How I got into the Zone

A few years ago I started to take the first small steps towards taking better care of myself. I stopped sitting at my couch eating a bag of potato chips for dinner.

In the summer of 2016 I started doing Crossfit at Sixforty Wildhearts and I fell in love. Or got addicted is more like it. Apart from learing so much and everybody being extremely nice and supportive they really want to help you to be the best you can be. 

I had read a little bit about The Zone Diet and really liked the ideas behind it. When Sixforty challenged us to join a month of strictly eating blocks I signed up right away and started finding my way into the Zone.

The recipes

I have always loved baking things. Back in the days I didn't consider how healthy those creations were. In the last couple of years I started to love making things that are delicious and good for you.

The first few weeks of the zone challenge we received recipes to cook, but later in the month we had to make our own. I loved trying to adapt recipes for meals I had already made before to perfect block meals. Sometimes this was pretty easy and sometimes I had to give up on recipes because they where just not suitable for the zone.

Slowly I started to use more favorable foods as well. I noticed I felt better not eating too much gluten and processed foods. Also, using more favorable foods simply makes for a bigger plate of food.

I don't always eat perfectly; I have to admit there are periods I cheat a lot and don't say no to cakes and chocolate. My rule is that I do always make all the meals I cook myself block-proof.



More and more people started asking for recipes when I put a photo on instagram or when I brought another tupperware case of food to work. I decided to start building this website to share the recipes with you. 

Back when I started making my own recipes I couldn't find a good website with full block recipes. The ones on this site I have created myself. Sometimes adjusting a recipe from a cookbook a little and sometimes combining multiple recipes and trying new things.

I've gotten very good at seeing within a few seconds if a dish can be made into a Zone proof one. 

Bon apetit and please let me know what you think!