Mango coconut rice pudding

This tropical tasting breakfast or desert takes you to palm trees and blue oceans.

If this doesn't work for you, you've still got a nice sweet variation of a common quark dish.

Gluten free
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  • 3P186 grams of quark (vanilla, coconut or both)
  • 2C23 grams of risotto or desert rice
  • 1C67 grams of mango
  • 3F75 grams of low fat coconut milk
  • Vanilla stick
  • 1 sheet of gelatin
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How to cook

  • Soak the gelatin sheet in cold water.
  • Keep a third of the coconut milk seperate and use the rest to cook the rice in.
  • Put the rice in a pan at low heat. Add a bit of the coconut milk and stir. When it's almost completely absorbed you add a bit more.
  • Keep going until all is absorbed and the rice doesn't taste hard anymore. (about 15-20min) When you're out of milk you can add a bit of water.
  • Warm the other part of milk in a different pan and when it's warm; dissolve the gelatin.
  • Also add the vanilla to the warm milk. (cut open the stick lengthwise and scrape out the vanilla).
  • Cut the mango into small pieces. Keep a few parts seperate to decorate later.
  • Mix the quark with the rice, the coconut milk and the mango pieces.
  • Scoop into a bowl (or more) and refridgerate for a couple of hours or overnight. 
  • Right before eating you put the seperate mango pieces on top.
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  • It didn't taste as much like coconut as I wanted. If anyone has any ideas to make it more coconut-y please let me know!
  • Especially for the rice it's easier to make more portions at once.
  • I put the three blocks into two bowls because it looked nice. You could make little one block deserts as well.
  • The gelatin doensn't make it set too much (like a cheesecake) but makes it bit more like pudding. You could add a little more if you like.
  • An idea that crossed my mind afterwards is to puree the mango and put it into a seperate layer. That would look great as a desert I think.