Who doesn't love pancakes? When my mom was making them growing up I couldn't wait for it to be my turn to get one.

This is a recipe for 10 pancakes; each of them one block.

Roll one up and eat it or use another block for a topping.

Gluten free
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  • 10P4  eggs & 336 grams of egg whites (6 eggs)
  • 10C150 grams of oatmeal flour
  • 2F200 grams/ml of low fat almond milk (or another type of milk)
  • 8F24 grams of almond flour
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How to cook

  • Whisk the eggs and egg whites and add the milk.
  • Add the oatmeal flour and almond flour bit by bit and mix together until smooth.
  • Try to bake 10 pancakes by yourself or pour the batter into 10 seperate bowls first.
  • You can weigh the whole of the batter, divide it by ten and scoop that amount out of it untill you have filled 10 bowls. Just pour the whole of the bowl into the pan and bake!


  • If you have a frying pan with a good anti-stick layer you can try to bake them without any oil or butter. If you don't dare to try you could leave some almond flour out and use a bit of olive oil.
  • In my experience the oatmeal flour also makes it a bit harder to bake than regular kinds of flour. You could replace (part) of it with some spelt flour or any other kind.
  • I love to put a bit of cinnamon and spiced cookie mix into the batter.
  • Spread a bit of vanilla quark on a pancake, add a bit of cinnamon and it's a great one block snack.