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Grilled polenta with ham & asperagus

These cheesy grilled polenta slices taste great with a bit of pesto and ham.

I've made 16 blocks of polenta in one baking tin, 4 times this recipe.

Noodles with chicken & brussel sprouts

Super easy noodle dish with (veggie) chicken, brussel sprouts and some sesame seeds.

Roasted brussels sprouts, gnocchi and goat cheese

Very easy and very delicious; just the way I like my food.

Brussels sprouts taste great when you roast them. Combined with some gnocchi, bacon strips, sundried tomatoes and goat cheese makes for a very tasty dish.

I made a blocks-version of this recipe by Glow Magazine.

Roasted chicory, beets and pear

This is a really great combination. The pear and honey add some sweetness to the bitter chicory.

An easy throw-in-the-oven kind of recipe you can combine with you favorite kind of protein.


In holland 5 december we celebrate the birthday of Sinterklaas, a sort of Santa Claus, and we love to eat pepernoten and kruidnoten.

This recipe is a bit of a combination of both. Not as sweet as the sugary ones in the store, but I think it's a delicious zone proof alternative.

These 8 blocks makes for about 30 pepernoten, so don't expect to be able to eat much of them ;)

Pumpkin stew with sausage

This stew experiment was a great success if you ask me.

The pumpkin and the spices make it into a delicious autumn dish.

Spicy minced chicken with mango

Try this spicy chicken dish with curry rice.

It is combined with some fresh mango and cucumber.

Chicken summer rolls

A lot of people call these 'spring rolls' but officially those are fried and these are summer rolls.

It takes a bit of time to make them, but the effort is definitely worth it!